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215 East 68th Street

the original glazed white brick, but the size, scale, and pattern of the panels are necessarily different from the brick.

After extensive research and consultation with owners and developers who have used this cladding, we were convinced  that the technology and appearance of the terracotta installation was the appropriate choice.

We believe the smooth mottled texture of the terra cotta in the larger pattern
of panels will add a fresh look to the building while giving it new dignity and
timelessness. The terra cotta facade will stay cleaner, is easily washed down should it eventually become soiled and has no mortar or sealants in the joints that will eventually absorb dirt and discolor as happens to a brick system.

We have also taken this opportunity to re-consider the design characteristics of the facade and how we might tweak it to make it more interesting. After careful study and the exploration of many options, we were excited by the notion that the visual integrity of the building could be enhanced by simply adding some banding, or stripes, to the terra cotta between the windows and at unfenestrated facets of the facade.

We fully understand this is a difficult process and we are grateful for your cooperation and understanding. We also know that once completed this improvement and others planned for this building will help to enhance your living experience at 215 E. 68th Street.