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215 East 68th Street

We have started the process of replacing the building's brick façade with a white terra cotta cladding. This improvement is necessary because the exterior wall
has reached the end of its useful life.

Terra cotta is a natural material that has been around for centuries. Buildings all over the world are clad with this remarkably long-lasting clay composition, including many of New York City's finest landmark structures.

In the latter half of the last century terra cotta fell out of favor with architects and builders due to the advent of less expensive mass-produced cladding materials. In recent years however, European architects, working in tandem with manufacturers, developed a technologically advanced support system for terra cotta that did not require mortar or other on-site, labor-intensive, less-durable materials.  

The façade replacement architects of 215 E 68th Street, Forst Consulting and FXFOWLE, extensively studied the feasibility of the application of this extraordinary material on our building. They also studied replacing the existing brick with new brick and installed mock ups for both systems on the 69th Street side of the building.

The appearance of the old and new materials, although similar in color and texture, is very different. Attempts were made to match the original glazed white brick and light gray mortar while using the larger brick size that is now standard for this type of building. The glaze on the terra cotta is also designed to match